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Social Responsibility

We uphold business purposes of "providing professional service for our clients, maximizing the return on the shareholder's investment, creating bigger development opportunities for the employees and bringing about public values for the society", and undertake our social responsibility for our employees, clients, partners, society and other related stakeholders. We strive to realize the company's development which is harmonious with that of the clients, shareholders, employees and the society, allowing more people to enjoy higher quality lives.

Volunteer Activities of Employees
  • Participation in social community culture
  • There are warm-hearted volunteers promoting public welfare in C&D Inc. volunteer service team. They provide warm services for athelets of C&D International Marathon Competition. They roll up sleeves to donate their blood without asking for return, clean rubbish on the beach, and use hoes to plant trees to beautify the environment. They also care about children by donating books, money and clothes, funding poor student and comforting wounded hearts with their kindness and help.

    Some of our employees also joined Xiamen "City Volunteers Association" and participated in many city volunteer activities such as "Grateful for Life and Love in Siming","volunteer services for the convenience of citizens in Jinbang Park", "Strategic Plan of Promoting Beautiful Xiamen", "Lecture on Blood Donation in Blood Center", "Environmental Protection Walk in Beautiful Xiamen" and "Volunteer Activities of Environmental Protection on Huandao Road", so as to deliver care and love to the society.
    Social community and neighborhood are the foundation of a harmonious society. In ten actions of "Beautiful Xiamen" Strategic Plan, the action of creating a harmonious neighborhood is an important unit. The activity of "creating a beautiful social community and a quality life" by Untied Development Co., Ltd. was a profound practice of the action. Highly valuing the importance of social community culture and life of proprietors, United Development Co., Ltd. has committed itself to creating social community culture and supporting proprietors' activities. Every year, it will launch more than ten activities, including sending flowers on Mother's day, parent-child visiting a park, moon-festival game and photographic activities. It will even give money to support these activities.
    As an exclusive sponsor of Cross Strait (Jimei) Dragon Boat Culture Festival for consecutive 9 years, Untied Development Co., Ltd has supported to build the event with brand influence across the strait by real actions. It implemented the concept of public welfare through brand promise as usual and integrated traditional culture into the new era to burst out new vitality through innovation and upgrades. Cross-strait dragon boat competition is an important platform to promote the spirit of Tan Kah-kee and inherit Chinese culture. Serving as a firm driver, United Development Co., Ltd. has witnessed the competition upgrading from a local event to a national event and later becoming a grand meeting across strait. In the nine years of perseverance, United Development Co., has implemented the profound brand promise of "Inheriting culture with responsibility and pass on happiness through loving heart" by real actions.
    —— Continuously to provide job opportunities.

    With the expansion of the company, C&D Inc. hires graduates of colleges and universities as well as social workers. While our company expands business in other areas, it also makes full use of the local human resources advantages and helps improve local employment and the development of its supplying industry, so as to benefit the society. Up to the end of 2017, our company has a total number of employees of 14,309. The year 2017 witnessed the growth of 1,980 in number of employees in the headquarters and main subsidiaries, creating more job opportunities for the public. Our company will increase more job opportunities in the course of its development, so as to make contribution to build a harmonious society.

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